Watching the Grass Grow

by We are mid way through our front pasture rotation. We move our sheep to their new paddocks every Sunday. The image here shows the growth of a paddock grazed … Continue Reading →

Sheep Shearing

by We had our first sheep shearing Sunday night. Two ladies from A&M stopped by and sheared the three Cheviots. Zach has gotten big and health living here (minus that … Continue Reading →

Animal versus Chemical: Grazing Pastures

by There is some of this story missing and this observation not meant to convince you to buy a herd of sheep. We have been doing rotational grazing on two … Continue Reading →

Build Your Own Sheep Feeder – And We Did

by We built a sheep feeder station to hold the hay for our sheep. This design is from Premiere (Large PDF) and it works great. This will save us money … Continue Reading →

Again? Seriously?

by Not everything about living in the country in a home desperately in need of repair is negative. Some thing are amazing and beautiful. Sunrises on Dobry Den Farm are … Continue Reading →

Isn’t is Romantic?

by Modern America romanticizes the farm. Enough of us have moved to the city and been there long enough that we’ve forgotten what farm life was, and is, really like. … Continue Reading →

Technology at the farm

by During Grandpa’s lifetime, it was considered innovative to get a photo taken from a helicopter of your farm. We had the pleasure of repeating this but this time using … Continue Reading →

Dobrý den

by Dobrý den means hello or good day in Czech. There are many adventures that we could have tried for a mid life crisis. Instead of a fast car or … Continue Reading →